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best callaway irons

The best Callaway irons are the clubs that work best for your game. Many sets of irons come with the billing of distance and accuracy, but it’s deeper than that. In order to become longer and more accurate, you need clubs that will work for you. Instead of the best overall Callaway irons, you need the best Callaway irons for you.

We profile a handful of iron sets below broken down by skill level and the type of game you play. Read the full article, examine your game, then read again. By studying your own game (deficiencies) and seeing what’s out there, you’ll be prepared next time your set foot on the first tee.
Best Callaway Irons for Beginners

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Iron Set

five star review

Callaway Big Bertha is the easiest to hit line of irons they offer. The fact that this model is a few years old takes nothing away from how well they play, but makes a big difference in price. This choice of the best Callaway irons for beginners are also the most affordable.

Multiple layers of weighting create a sweet spot that takes over the entire clubface. Outside of the very edges, no matter where you hit the ball it will launch high and long. While there is not much of a reward for those that hit the ball squarely in the middle, misses are barely noticeable.


  • Perfect started set for a new golfer on a budget
  • Comes with irons only, giving you the freedom to buy hybrids, woods, and wedges


  • Black paint will chip, but only affects visuals, not performance

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Combo Iron Set

five star review

If you’re new to golf and aren’t exactly lighting up the scorecard, you need the Big Bertha B21 combo set. Do not worry about if you will be able to hit these. Big Bertha B21 is the latest in a long line of clubs designed to help high handicap golfers get to the next level.

With countless shaft and club combinations, you have the freedom to pick clubs you don’t already have with the guarantee they will help hit the ball higher and longer. Designed specifically for forgiveness and getting the ball in the air, you’ll see fewer dribblers and more high, arcing shots.


  • Comes with much of the same technology as their more advanced clubs, but with design features to help less skilled players
  • Club absorbs vibrations for when you hit too deep into the rough and a better feeling on good shots


  • Designed for high handicappers, when you improve new clubs will be required

Best Callaway Irons for Average Players

Callaway Golf Apex Iron Set

five star review

Sometimes you need a set of irons that you play for years. Until the grooves wear out and the grips have been replaced 5 times, Callaway Apex irons are a perfect fit the widest range of golfers.

Apex irons can be used by golfers shooting around par of those finally breaking 100. If you’re still shooting 120, you should opt for game improvement irons or if you’re consistently around par you need something closer to blades. But, if you’re in the that very large average category, you will benefit from Apex irons.

With a forged blade and added forgiveness, you will launch these irons high and even on mis-hits get close to your average distance for a good shot. Apex irons make consistency and accuracy easier than most middle of the road clubs.


  • Most common set since they work for low, mid, and high handicappers
  • Standard offset encourages players to draw the ball, rather than cut


  • Sets do not go below 4-iron, but most golfers will use hybrid there anyway

Best Callaway Irons for Women or Seniors

Callaway Women's Mavrik Hybrid Iron Combo Set

five star review

The main difference between the Callaway Women’s Mavrik Hybrid combo set and the normal Mavrik set is shaft and club composition. Shafts on these clubs require less swing speed to achieve optimal performance. In terms of club choice, you get hybrids with the set and no long irons.

Having more hybrids than long irons means expanding the max distance you can reach a green from. It also means improving launch with longer clubs. While many golfers struggle with hitting long irons high and consistently, far fewer have the same issue with hybrids. Sometimes the best Callaway irons means switching to a combo set, exemplified here.

Other guides might choose the Mavrik Max set which has a bit more forgiveness, we purposely chose not to. We want to promote clubs that players can use for more than a year or two. By choosing super game improvements irons you are capping your game. With Mavrik irons you have room to grow your game.


  • Choice of graphite or steel shaft accommodates Women and Seniors with varying swing speed
  • Can be used by any golfer with lower swing speeds in need of some help with launch


  • Less ability to hit punch shots and hit the ball low with hybrids than long irons

Best Callaway Irons for Low Handicappers

Callaway Golf Apex Pro Iron Set

five star review

One of the many reasons the Callaway Apex Pro set are the best Callaway irons for low handicappers is shaft versatility. Some companies ignore that swing speed does not equal skill level, Callaway does not. With a choice of regular, stiff, and extra stiff, every segment of highly skilled golfers can benefit from the Apex Pro’s.

As for clubhead construction, not many players performance clubs have this much forgiveness. What makes the Apex Pro’s elite is the forged hallow body. Instead of a blade, these have a bit more of a buffer. The hallow body means shifting weight outwards increases sweet spot size and helps with launch. Other performance irons require a perfect hit, Apex Pro irons have some room for error.

This is classified as a forged iron because of its build. However, it plays like a blade with the forgiveness of a forged iron. For golfers near scratch struggling with ball striking, these irons get you to the green where you can focus on your short game and making par.


  • Flash Face helps generate more spin for shaping the ball with ease
  • Hardly noticeable offset and smaller clubhead improves performance for skilled golfers


  • Not a good iron for players pushing towards 80, should be used by single digit handicappers only


We’ve spent hours researching the best Callaway irons, but the work never ends. We encourage you to do a little work on your own, most importantly studying your own game. The clubs best for low-handicappers will not be the best for beginners. Sure those clubs have the capacity for being hit the longest, but an unskilled golfer is not playing the same game.

Find the best Callaway irons that are suited for your game. Pick a set you can use for a few years and watch your game grow. By the time you’re ready for new irons you might not be playing the same type of game. Keep your choice simple, keep your scores moving down.

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