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Golfers of different skill levels play different golf clubs. Golf clubs are designed to positively influence the games of the players using them. Whether you need help getting the ball in the air, shaping it around trees, or even hitting it lower, you need a club designed for your game. There are plenty of brands out there, but only a handful that pros play. TaylorMade is one of them. Today, we’re looking at the best TaylorMade irons.

We break things down in sections based on skill level. But, we encourage you to read which of the best TaylorMade irons helps the game of people in other skill brackets to better understand why yours are a better fit.

Before we even get to the section, or you skip over it, we want our readers to pay special attention to the “Best TaylorMade irons for women or seniors”. This section is not just for women and seniors. Instead, it is our way of getting a graphite shaft in here. If you’re a golfer who does not swing very hard (in the 60-70 mpg range), use graphite shafts. These shafts will help you add yards regardless of what your peers are playing. New golfers, old golfers, whatever—don’t be afraid to play graphite shafts regardless of what they’re “named”.

Best TaylorMade Irons for beginners

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Iron Set

five star review

Beginner golfers need more forgiveness than others. Enter the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max OS Iron Set, the best TaylorMade irons for high-handicappers and beginners.

Beginner and high-handicap golfers need a little help hitting the ball on the sweet spot. This is the main reason behind oversized irons. With an enlarged clubface, the sweet spot expands and there is more room for error.

Many inexperienced golfers also struggle with hitting the ball high. TaylorMade knows this and designed the SiM 2 Max OS irons with this in mind. By shifting the center of gravity lower, it is easy for golfers to elevate the ball. Rather make a change your swing is not ready or capable of, these clubs do the heavy lifting.


  • Oversized clubface promotes stability and forgiveness, making it easier to have the club square at impact and drive the ball even when hit off-center
  • Forged iron feel offers extra support without feeling bulky
  • ECHO dampening system absorbs vibrations, making every shot feel good


  • Extremely high natural trajectory makes these great for beginners, but will have to replaced once you graduate to the mid-handicap level

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Combo

five star review

We never recommend an iron set that forces low level golfers to hit a 3 or even 4-iron. However, leaving too large of a gap between your longest iron and fairway woods is not a viable option. To fill the void, we recommend hybrids. When it comes to the best TaylorMade irons, our pick is the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Combo set.

Rather than reach into the bag for a 4-iron you know won’t get off the ground, you can confidently pull out your 3-hybrid that carries longer and higher than any 3-iron. Rather than a set only for high-handicappers, this is a great transitional choice and one that can grow as your game does.


  • Cap back design encloses various layers of support that make the club more forgiving than even other choices in our best TaylorMade irons list
  • Twist face technology in hybrids is a corrective feature that squares the club up at contact
  • Longer distance across the board thanks to forgiving and corrective face on hybrids and irons since ball travels straighter and higher


  • Irons are a bit harder to hit than OS set, but avoiding low irons makes good contact more possible

Best TaylorMade irons for average players

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set

five star review

Most golf players are average, most clubs are designed for the average player. The best TaylorMade irons for people in this range are the TaylorMade SiM 2 Max irons.

These clubs are supportive all the way around for when contact isn’t pure or off the center of the face. Even more important, their mid to high natural trajectory is good for players at both ends of the average spectrum. 90 golfers use these to get the ball up. 80 golfers use them to shape them with ease.

If you’re new to breaking 100 the main benefit is an expanded sweet spot serving as a failsafe helping close misses go almost the same distance as good shots. For a low to mid-handicapper, the benefit comes from being just a bit off. Your misses are small at this point. Don’t jump to blades just yet. Allow the extra forgiveness to keep you accurate without losing distance or shaping ability.


  • Inherent right bias (left for lefties) helps to counteract pushes, making it easier to hit the ball straight
  • Versatile enough that an 8 or 28 handicap golfer can use the SiM 2 Max irons with success
  • As one of the most popular sets of TaylorMade irons, there are plenty of choices ranging from club makeup to flex and left/right handedness


  • Requires you to purchase hybrids and woods on your own, but gives you the freedom to choose the model and style that best fits your game

Best TaylorMade irons for women or seniors

TaylorMade SIM MAX Women's Combo Set

five star review

We already gave our spiel about how far more golfers should be playing clubs designated for ladies than already do, so we won’t go overboard here. Besides being the best TaylorMade irons for women, these are the best for any golfer with a lower swing speed. On the same note, any female golfer with high swing speeds can easily play other clubs.

A lot of the benefits in club design are repeated, so again we won’t go into too much detail here. However, we want to point out that these are very forgiving clubs and the makeup of hybrids and irons allow you to gain distance without improving or adding swing speed to your game.


  • Thin clubface helps you cut through the rough and get back in the fairway
  • Graphite shafts are a great choice for any golfer with lower swing speeds
  • Come with slightly shorter shafts, a great choice for golfers under 5’8”


  • Shafts are much easier to break if you’re in the 80s or 90s for swing speed, for everyone else it’s not a concern

Best TaylorMade irons for low-handicappers

TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

five star review

Low handicap golfers need a bit more out of their clubs than other players. Rather than letting the club do the work for them, low-handicappers need a club they can control more with. The best TaylorMade irons for this are the P790 set.

P790 irons look like blades, but are hallowed out and filled with Speedfoam and dynamic weights. Added Speedfoam created forgiveness and the tungsten bar puts the sweet spot in an ideal place for higher launch.

These clubs can be shaped as well as any low-handicap designed club, but have the forgiveness of forged clubs. When you’re pushing towards par, having these in your bag is a great choice.


  • More forgiving and increased distance compared to other TaylorMade irons for high level golfers
  • A great transitional club for golfers looking to go from forged irons to blades


  • Lower levels of spin and workability compared to other blades, but more than forged irons

Lets Recap

We’ve spent hours researching the best TaylorMade irons, but the work never ends. We encourage you to do a little work on your own, most importantly studying your own game. The clubs best for low-handicappers will not be the best for beginners. Sure those clubs have the capacity for being hit the longest, but an unskilled golfer is not playing the same game.

Find the best TaylorMade irons that are suited for your game. Pick a set you can use for a few years and watch your game grow. By the time you’re ready for new irons you might not be playing the same type of game. Keep your choice simple, keep your scores moving down. If you liked our review of TaylorMade’s top of the line iron set selection check out our Top 5  Best Golf Balls article! 

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