Best 5 Golf Simulators Under $1000

[2021 Review]

Who wants to be able to play golf everyday at an affordable price? We have spent several hours putting together the best golf simulators under $1000. If you are looking for the full setup, want something to help you improve your swing, or if you have limited space and need something more compact don’t worry we have you covered! 

OptiShot2: Golf in a Box

If you have the room for a golf mat and net, the OptiShot 2, Golf in a Box simulator should be your first choice. With a similar setup and many of the same features of the most expensive simulators on the market, this is one of the most affordable choices you will find.

OptiShot2 has 16 infrared sensors that track every swing you take, even when you aren’t using a ball. With accurate data, it is easy to track how your swing is progressing and areas you need to improve on.

Golf in a Box means that the tracker comes with a full turf mat and golf net. This gives you the feel of real swings that complete the golf simulator experience. As long as you have an open area inside you can take full swings, there’s no reason not to go for the full package.

Accessing the simulator aspect is extremely easy and comes with plenty of famous courses. All you need to do is download the included software, connect it to a computer, and get to hitting the ball. Affordable, visual, realistic—all you can ask for in an affordable golf simulator.

FlightScope Mevo

The Mevo simulator from FlightScope is more of a swing tracker than it is a simulator. The reason we included it in our list is due to how good the information it provides is.

While the more expensive version includes full simulation, SelfieGOLF technology puts some visuals into your experience. What we really like about the Mevo is that it easily keeps track of your historical data. This is your affordable simulator pick if you are most interested in learning things about your swing from a statistical standpoint.

Phigolf WGT Edition

The fun and exciting experience of using the PhiGolf WGT simulator is what stands out about this pick. With courses to choose from and an easy to use visual setup, this option plays like a VR videogame.

It does not have much feedback on your swing as you use a half club that is connected to a display. But, through a system of sensors, you’re able to virtually play courses around the world. When you don’t have enough room for a full setup and want to play with friends, this is the perfect choice.

Ernest Sports-ES 14 Pro

Another launch monitor that adds some visuals to help you understand your game, the Ernest Sports ES 14 Pro is a product you can setup anywhere. Small and compact, this can be used on a backyard mat or at the course.

With accurate data transcribed through a phone app with helpful visuals, you can forget about lessons. The ES 14 Pro tells you what you need to work on, you just need to figure out how. Even better, this data can be downloaded onto Excel for easy organization.

Tittle X Golf Simulator – Stick Package

Another great option for those with limited space, the Tittle X golf simulator is perfect for working on your game or a social event with friends. When you purchase the stick package, it means conserving even more space.

The top feature of this product has to be the display. It’s easy to setup and use, but also interactive. With dozens of choices to choose form, you can play a different course every week.

Lets Recap

As we did research to find the best golf simulators for under $1000, we chose our top 5 that could accommodate different needs for all types of golfers. We put together the top of line affordable choice, a portable option, and options for people with limited space.  If you have like this article we recommend you check out our review on the Best Taylor Made Irons!

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