How to Measure Golf Club Length

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how to measure golf club length

Knowing how to measure golf club length is good simply for casual conversation. Where knowing how to measure golf club length is essential is for ordering new golf clubs online and wanting to buy something that matches up with your current set. This also goes double for buying clubs that are longer or shorter.

Today, we’re focusing on how to measure golf club length and what type of regulations there are around it. We’ll also touch on the carrying out of changing golf club length. Basically, we cover what you need to know about golf club size. Trust us, it’s not as simple as breaking out a yard stick. Keep reading to find out exactly how to measure golf club length.

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Drivers, Irons, and Woods

how to measure golf club irons

According to the USGA, golf clubs need to be within a certain length. All clubs (minus putters) must be at least 18 inches long, and no more than 48 inches. You should not have trouble meeting the minimum length or the longest length. Unless you’re a professional long driver or a guy like Byson DeChambeau pushing the limits of how far and long you can hit a golf ball, measuring for the purposes for conformity will never come up.

However, people want to know how long their golf clubs are, and for good reason. If you have a good swing, but constantly hit the ball off the toe, there is an easier solution than changing your swing. In many cases, extending the length of your club by even just an inch leads to better contact. The same goes for golfers who hit the ball off the hosel. Shorten the club an inch and move contact towards the center of the club.

So for the actual length, we’ve listed the basics of what you need to know about how to measure golf club length.

1. Lay the club flat so that the toe of the club faces directly up.
2. Make sure that the ground and middle of the club are at a 60-degree angle (club will sit this way if toe is directly up.
3. Measure from top of grip to spot where heel of club would intersect with the ground (60-degree angle coming in)

Measuring these clubs has a bit more to it than meets the eye. However, knowing how to measure a golf club becomes close to second nature after a few times doing it. In most cases, drivers, hybrids, and woods come at a standard length. Practice with these clubs to the standard size. If you try to measure on irons before knowing what you are doing it will be more difficult. This is because each iron is a different length, but will not be too difficult with a bit of practice.


how to measure golf club putter

Measuring a putter is less complicated in that you do not need a protractor and angles do not matter as much. Where it is more difficult is that a matter of inches and half-inches play a critical role in determining how you well you might putt. Other people and sites will recommend putter length based on height, but we disagree.

Finding the best putter length is as simple as finding what’s comfortable to you. Some people like to be straight up while putting, others prefer a bit hunched over. As long as your eyes are over the ball and the putter sits flat on the ground without the toe up in the air as you make your stroke, any length is fine.

For putters, you want to measure from the sole of the putter to the end of the grip. So, to do this, you need to follow the steps we outlie below.

  1. Lay your putter flat on the ground
  2. Begin with a tape measure at the top of the grip
  3. Measure straight along the shaft, continuing through any offset or hosel change
  4. Once you reach the bottom of the club, still going along the direction of the shaft, that is the length of your putter

Unique necks on many putters make this process a bit more difficult that it would appear. To learn this method, it is easiest when you already know the length of a putter. However, in most cases you are measuring because you don’t know the length of a putter.

If you’re looking for practice, don’t be afraid to take your tape measure to a golf store and practice on a few there. As long as you’re friendly with the staff and give the impression you might buy one, they’ll likely be patient with you—though every store and staff differ. If this fails, ask a few friends who know the length of their putter to practice on theirs.

What to do when you need to shorten a club

When you need to shorten a golf club, you can keep the same shaft by physically cutting it. This is not a complicated process, but one that requires precision. First off, the club needs the grip removed. You’ll need a new one regardless so don’t bother trying to preserve it. After that the shaft is cut and regripped. Simple enough, right?

What is a simple process can lead to a new shaft being required if it is cut incorrectly, at the wrong angle, or even at the wrong length. Basically, don’t perform this process without the confidence you can get it done correctly. If you’re buying new clubs, it is easier to buy shortened clubs from the manufacturer than it is to buy standard length and have a local service or even yourself make any adjustments.

How to lengthen a club (or replace a broken one)

Unfortunately, there is no way to lengthen an existing shaft. If you want a club you own to be longer, it requires the purchase and installation of a new shaft. When one club breaks, whether it be from frustration or through gameplay, a single shaft can be replaced. With the exception of drivers, woods, and hybrids which can easily be done if they are adjustable, this should be done by a professional.

For all other clubs, it’s as simple as picking out a shaft and bringing it to a local pro shop or golf supplies store. All good-quality golf clubs can be re-shafted. You do not need to buy an entire new club if you need a new shaft. This luxury saves on expense, especially when it is only one club that needs replacing.

Lets Recap

Knowing how to measure golf club length is very handy when it comes to ordering a new set of clubs. We have given you a step-by-step process of how to achieve accurate measurements and what to do if you need to lengthen or shorten your clubs.

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