How to Regrip Golf Clubs - 7 Simple Steps


Knowing how to regrip golf clubs is a game changer. You can buy your own golf clubs, you can teach yourself new ways to hit shots. Knowing how to regrip golf clubs is just as important to your game, but hardly any players can do it themselves. Even if you don’t know how, you need to know when.


Golf grips wear down, and pretty quickly at that. No matter skill level, swing speed or years playing the game, your grips will wear out. When golf grips lose their initial tackiness it becomes more difficult to hold onto the club and you will lose control. This means more open and closed clubfaces at contact and fewer fairways and greens hit. By keeping your grips fresh your accuracy increases and score decreases.


Biggest benefit of knowing how to regrip golf clubs

Golf grips need to be replaced every 40 rounds. This number can vary based on play style or how often you practice, but this equates to about once a year. We mention practice because of trips to the range where drivers are all that people hit and wedges-only time spent on practice greens. These clubs wear out faster, and as such grips need to be replaced more often.


Now how many of us actually regrip clubs every 40 rounds? Not enough. A big part of this is the cost and time required for the process. Nobody wants to pay for grips and an extra $5 labor for each club.


Suppose you’re doing 13 clubs, you’re looking at $125-$200 depending on the grip you choose. Knowing how to regrip grip golf clubs slashes that price—not to mention an unlimited selection of grips since you’re ordering on your own.


Another overlooked aspect and benefit of knowing how to regrip golf clubs is the time it saves. Many shops have fast turnarounds. Nobody has a faster turnaround time than yourself. Golf shops and pro shops have you at their mercy when it comes to time. They can have them for a day or two weeks. Doing it on your own means not waiting for winter anymore and sticking to the replacing after 40 rounds recommendation.

What supplies you need

Knowing what you need to regrip golf clubs is as important as knowing the process itself. Every required piece is just that, required. Forgetting something as basic as tape means that your grip will not sit correctly, move around, or wear out. When you’re learning how to regrip golf clubs, it takes everything on our list. So what is on our list, and should be on yours too? Take a look below.

Golf Grips

What’s the purpose of knowing how to regrip golf clubs if you don’t have new grips? Also, these are essential to the regripping process. Who would have thought?

If you play golf, you know what these are so we won’t go into too deep of detail. Find a grip you like. The main types are corded, rubber, synthetic or wrapped. There are even different widths, such as undersize, standard and oversized. Whatever your choice, there are an abundance of options at most shops and websites.


You will probably by ordering these online. If you are worried that you won’t like the feel of something new, go with what you know. On the flip side, if you can’t stand what you already have, how much worse could trying something new be?

Something to get the old grips off

Again, pretty self-explanatory. Old grips have to come off before new grips go on. We recommend using the Plum Garden Golf Grip Remover. Very inexpensive and highly rated. If you cant wait the preferred tool for most people is a razor blade or something similar. 

Grip Tape

Grip tape is a specific type of tape placed directly on the club shaft, underneath where the grip will go. Grip tape is specific to golf clubs and should not be reused. In many cases it comes as strips, which is what we recommend for beginners. As you get a bit more confident and already know how to regrip golf clubs, there are also rolls of tape. This option is a bit less expensive, but harder to use.


You need a way to get your golf grip onto the club. Solvent solves this. Essentially, this is a lubricant that allows this process to happen. Without this, you would end up with a grip that has room at the end instead being fully onto the club shaft.

The Process

Bullets make things easy. A video makes it even easier. Lucky for you, we’ve included both.

1. Remove the old grip by making one cut from the bottom going up and peel the grip off.

2. Remove old grip tape (some people use a razor, but as long as it’s off you’re in the clear).

3. Add grip tape (the length of the grip) onto the shaft.

4. Coat (drench) the tape in solvent and pour into the grip as well.

5. Slide grip onto the shaft.

6. Tap on the ground to make sure grip is fully on.

7. Wait a few hours for solvent to dry underneath—done!

If we can offer one warning, it’s that you shouldn’t expect to be perfect on the first try. We recommend practicing on old clubs. If you don’t do some trial runs, expect to redo a fair number of clubs in your pursuit of teaching yourself how to regrip golf clubs.

Staying away—even if you know how to regrip golf clubs

If you plan on playing with clubs you regrip on your own, you really need to know how to regrip golf clubs. Golf grips need to be perfectly aligned if you want to maximize your skills on the course. Having a mis-aligned grip means starting with your clubface open or closed.


Sure this might help a golfer or two overcome a giant hook or slice, but that’s not what you should want. It can be even worse when it varies club to club. A square clubface at alignment. A square clubface at impact. Getting both of these starts with a square grip.


When you don’t peel off old grip tape, your grips become larger than you want them. When enough solvent isn’t used, grips do not make it down the full shaft. Even bubbles can form if you don’t install grips properly. Think of putting a new screen protector on your cell phone; you want it perfect. Golf grips are no different.


Unless you are an expert, let the actual pros handle your club regripping. Once you become a pro, replace your grips frequently for every reason in the first few sections of the article. Knowing how to regrip golf clubs is something every golfer should learn, or at least try. If you’re thinking about learning, bookmark this article to keep it handy—we think it’s a great place to start.


Final Thoughts

Learning how to regrip golf clubs is a useful skill if you are planning to be play golf for your whole life. Even more important is knowing when to change your grips. With these 7 simple steps this will give you solid foundation on where to start. If you enjoyed this article please check out our How to put backspin on a golf ball article


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