Perfecting an Inside Out Golf Swing

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inside out golf swing

Are you tired of constantly slicing the ball? One of the best ways to fix that is perfecting an inside out golf swing. 

If you look what all the best golfers have in common, it’s attacking the ball from the inside. Hitting the golf ball from the inside out will give you more distance and allow you to pinpoint where the ball ends up. 

If you want to take your golf game to the next level then you came to the right place.

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What is an inside out golf swing?

An inside out golf swing is when a player brings the club back inside and makes a shallow weeping motion while attacking the ball straight on. This is one of the most common swing types, but is not always easy to master. When attempting a perfectly straight shot, the inside out golf swing is preferred by most professionals as it leads to a powerful and accurate shot.

The inside out golf swing is easy to understand, but hard to execute and control. This is a swing path that every golfer should have some knowledge of.

How can you identify it?

The address of a golfer with an inside out golf swing is a bit unique, but you’ll learn more about that in the next section. 

Instead, we’ll focus on ball movement for the purpose of identification. In fact, many golfers have inside out golf swings and don’t even realize it.

The most common flight path of an inside out swing is high, starts just to the right of the intended target and moves slightly left (for righties, and vice versa for lefties). Commonly referred to as a draw.

When done perfectly, it’s a straight golf ball with a one-yard draw. With this, you just have to stand back and admire it. At its worst, the ball starts far right before coming back to canter as a large hook.

Perfecting an Inside Out Golf Swing


A good inside out golf swing starts at address. With this type of swing, everything does not need to be square. Instead, give your hips a slight turn inside. Rather than your hips pointing directly at the golf ball, aim them a half foot behind the ball. 

As a result, your entire body will be leaning back—this is a good thing. If you are leaning forward, it will prevent you from coming back and swinging forward with good timing or any type of power.

inside out golf swing turn hips and attack inside of ball


With your setup designed for an inside takeaway, the movement is natural, rather than forced. Begin your backswing as you would normally, and then take your typical downswing. The goal is to hit the ball square, but an inside out swing path will give a slight draw to your shot.


If this becomes a hook, you have two options. Reduce your hip turn at address or straighten your stroke at impact. Either option will reduce the hook and return it to a baby draw. 

For most golfers, changing your downswing is the easiest way to square your impact. When perfecting an inside out golf swing, it’s important to focus on reducing your angle of attack. 

Don’t come from above. Instead, begin dropping your hands immediately as you begin your downswing. Shallow the club and take more of a sweeping motion than a chopping motion.

For the Former Baseball Player

Since so many golfers in their 20s and 30s are converted baseball players, we have an easy comparison for your finishing point. 

When perfecting an inside out golf swing, consider going slightly opposite field. Rather than trying to pull the ball, finish as if you were a right-handed batter trying to hit the ball towards right-center field. Nothing is forced, and you’ll gain better control of your swing and ball shape.

Inside Out Golf Swing Drills

Under Arm

Skills Improved: Helps create inside out sweeping motion for more consistent strikes
Equipment Needed: Golf Club, Golf Glove, Golf Ball
Space Required: Open space (Driving range preferred)
Difficulty Level: Easy

  1. Place the golf glove under your trailing arm but not too high up (closer to the elbow)
  2. Keep the glove in place by holding it against your body under the trailing arm (Right arm for right handed golfers)
  3. Grab a club 9i-AW and take 10-15 75% swings while keeping the glove in the same place 
  4. When you feel comfortable, work your way up to 100% full swings. Imagine you are sweeping the ball. 

Driver Head Cover

Skills Improved: Helps golfers who consistently come over the top, forcing them to come from the inside out
Equipment Needed:
Golf Club, Driver Head Cover, Golf Ball
Space Required: Open space (Driving range preferred)
Difficulty Level: Easy

  1. Set the driver head cover about 1 foot behind and to the outside of the golf ball
  2. Swing normal without hitting the head cover
  3. Focus on hitting the inside of the ball square 

Corner Tee

Skills Improved: Forces you to push the ball from inside out 
Equipment Needed:
Golf Club, 4 Golf Tees, Golf Ball
Space Required: Open space (Driving range preferred)
Difficulty Level: Medium

  1. Place ball on grass 
  2. Refer to our illustration and place 4 tees in the ground around the ball in a square shape wide enough so your club head can not fit through the middle
  3. Remove Tees 2 & 3 so you are only left with tees 1 & 4
  4. Swing without hitting the tees 
Corner Tee Drill - Picture

Michael Breed from the Golf Channel demonstrates this drill excellent! 

Final Thoughts

Perfecting an inside out golf swing is something that takes time to master, so don’t get down on yourself. Once you get it down you will see more consistent straight strikes that will hopefully lead to more greens hit!  

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