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Golf Mamba was created by golf enthusiasts who enjoy learning about the latest trends and products in the golf industry.

Hello! My name is Michael Spaleta. I have been an amateur golf enthusiast for 12 years now. My love for golf started when a buddy of mine gave me a set of golf clubs and I have never been able to put them down ever since. Weekly I would go to the driving range and then hit the course only to spend hours and hours researching how to improve that night. I found myself checking out all the latest releases and wanting to know exactly what the Pros were using. I thought to myself about how much I would enjoy helping others with the knowledge I have acquired through out the years and that’s when we decided to create Golf Mamba.

Welcome!  My name is Chris Crawford.  As an amateur golfer, husband, and father to four (yes 4!!!) beautiful children, finding time to work on my golf game definitely has its challenges.  I kept finding myself online researching the best products, training guides, tips, and tricks to help improve my golf game.  After months of research I decided to take everything I had learned and create a website that would allow me to share this knowledge with the world, or at least those people who were in the same situation as me.  That’s when Golf Mamba was born!

Our mission here at Golf Mamba is to provide our readers with quality content that will hopefully translate into more pars & birdies on the course, in depth reviews of the latest and greatest golfing equipment, all while having fun talking about golf.  It definitely helps to satisfy our golf cravings, when we’re not able to make it to the course.

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