Which Golf Club is Designed to Hit the Ball with the Highest Launch Angle?

Which golf club is designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle? When you are approaching the green and want the ball to stop right where it lands you want to choose a club with more loft. The lob wedge is designed to give you the highest launch angle.  Understanding launch angle and knowing which club to choose when you need to get the ball up and land on a small target will help improve your scores. We will help you understand what launch angle is, which club will give you the most loft, and how it affects what the ball does when it lands.

What is launch angle?

The easiest way to describe launch angle is the angle at which your ball travels right as you hit it. Unfortunately, in terms of golf, there is a lot more that goes into it. While the definition does not vary, interpretation and understanding launch angle goes a lot deeper than how easily your ball travels up in the air.

Launch angle and dynamic loft go hand in hand. What this means is that the angle at which you hit your shots is highly based on the natural loft of your club—go figure. When you’re able to produce a consistent launch angle on a club by club basis, it shows that you are a consistent ball striker and are taking the same swing each time.

Launch angle is something that can easily by manipulated by changing the loft of your club. This does not mean changing the actual composition of the club, but opening up for a flop shot or other similar shots. A flop shot will have the highest launch angle of just about any shot since it goes straight up in the air, with the intention of a steep descent angle.

What club maximizes launch angle?

Your highest degree wedge will have the highest launch angle. Because they are lofted so high, it is easier to slide underneath the golf ball and launch it at a higher angle. The highest lofted club for most people will be a little different. But, in general it’s a sand (56-degree) or lob (60-degree) wedge.

For the most part, your lowest lofted clubs will have the lowest launch angle. This is about a perfect science for irons, but woods and drivers make it more difficult. It is important to remember that launch angle does not equal distance. Instead, it has more of a direct relationship with descent angle and how far, or little, your ball will roll after landing.

With drivers, it’s a little different since the ball is teed higher and you can change your angle of attack to multiply natural launch angle. While most golfers think the lower their driver loft the better, most golfers can benefit from going to a driver with 10-12 degrees of loft.

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How launch angle affects how the ball lands

Angle of attack is the number of degrees at which you strike the golf ball. A steep angle of attack produces more spin, while hitting up on the ball adds to launch angle. When a ball is hit off the bottom of the club, it usually means a low angle of attack and reduced launch angle. When a ball is hit on the top half a club face, it generally means too high of an angle of attack. While loft plays a big role in launch angle, a factor such as this cannot be ignored.

which golf club is designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle?

Lets Recap

Understanding which golf club is designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle is vital to take your golf game to the next level. Having the ability to choose the correct club and strike the ball with a high launch angle will help you navigate a golf course and improve your scores. If you enjoyed this article please check out out our How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball article! 

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