How To Clean Golf Balls

[Everything You Need To Know - 7 Simple Steps]

Learning how to clean golf balls is an easy and effective process. Do you know what’s not easy? The life of your average golf ball.

Every weekend getting smacked and sliced around into grass, mud, water, and even sometimes peoples houses. We also consistently find golf balls all over the course that just need some TLC and boom! good as new.

how to clean golf balls

Why We Need to Know How to Clean Golf Balls

Dirty golf balls will impact your golf game drastically. Golf balls are designed to fly through the air with the least amount of resistance as possible.

When the ball is dirty it will cause drag and there is no way to know how far or what pattern the ball will take now.

Another big issue is how it dirty golf balls roll on the greens. When you are putting and you need to hit that 5 footer for par, you do not want a dirty ball. Having a clean ball for putting is essential to give yourself the best chance at sinking them. That’s why knowing how to clean golf balls properly will give them a longer life, save you money, and not negatively impact your golf game. 

Step-By-Step Process

How to Clean Golf Balls
Equipment Needed:
Bucket, Dish Soap, Hot Water,  Old toothbrush or Golf ball brush, Bleach (optional), Protective gloves
Space Required: Open space that you don’t mind getting wet 
Difficulty Level: Easy

  1. Put your protective gloves on and fill a bucket up with hot water. 
  2. Add about 1 tbsp or bottle cap size of dish washing soap and mix around
  3. Add golf balls and ensure that the water level fully submerges every golf ball
  4. We recommend leaving them under the soapy water for 30-45 min.  
  5. Dump water out and individually scrub each ball with the toothbrush or golf ball brush until all the dirt and muck is off. 
  6. For people who want to go the extra mile we recommend cleaning the bucket out, refilling it with hot water, and adding 1/3 to 1/2 cup of bleach. Add the golf balls to the bucket. This will give you maximum sterilization from all the different bacteria golf balls come in contact with. 
  7. Let the golf balls sit for 30-45 minutes and rinse with cold water after.  Dry golf balls completely.

How to Clean Golf Balls On the Course

You just sliced your favorite Pro V1 into some mud. How are you going to clean your precious Pro V1 now?

Many golf courses have taken away their golf ball cleaners since the pandemic started. We could use our golf towel and Golf Ball Brush as a quick fix, but we have found a better and more efficient product designed specifically to clean golf balls on the course.

The Clean Flight Premium Washer is a portable golf ball washer with cleaning solution that will leave your ball squeaky clean and ready to play in seconds. It fits in the cup holder on most golf carts, has a carabiner to easily attach to your golf bag making it portable, and works with a cleaning solution to give your ball that extra shine. It’s a great product at an amazing price!

We highly recommend checking it out. 

Lets Recap

Knowing how to clean golf balls is something that the long term golfer will need to learn. Preserving those special Pro V1s or TP5s will save you a ton of money in the long run! We have given you a step by step guide how to clean golf balls.

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