Kirkland Signature Version 2.0 Golf Ball Review

Today, we’re here to talk about the Kirkland V2.0 golf ball. To sum up this Kirkland  golf ball review in one line, they are one of the most affordable golf balls out there and performs better than other balls at a similar price level.

When Kirkland golf balls first surfaced a few years back, they were the hottest on the market. With a quality and performance that matched the Pro V1 and the price of a Top Flite, everyone was dying to get their hands on some. Well, turns out they were a bit closer to Titleist golf balls inside the cover than everyone thought. After some legal battles, Kirkland golf balls were pulled from the shelves. Lucky for those seeking a quality ball at an affordable price, Kirkland golf balls have returned.

Kirkland V2.0 Construction

The most important aspect of Kirkland V2.0 construction is the urethane cover. This extremely soft material allows golfers with lower swing speeds to shape the ball and spin approach shots. Compared to other affordable golf balls, these are easier to control for golfers with low swing speeds.

Under the cover of this 3-piece ball is the mantle and a rubber core. Overall, this is a low compression ball. The core is a bit harder than other similar balls to provide stability. Going a bit further out, the mantle is a transitional layer designed to add speed for golfers with low swing speeds.

Kirkland V2.0 and Different Golfers

When we were researching for this Kirkland golf ball review we found that If you swing incredibly hard, you might want to pick a different option. If you’re a slow swinger, these are a perfect fit. Due to the soft cover and construction of the ball, these balls tend to scuff easily. Now this isn’t just when you hit a cart path or tree. This is scuffing simply to hitting the ball too hard, something that golfers with high swing speeds are all too familiar with when playing some of the more affordable balls on the market.

One of the major points of contention on the first version of these Kirkland balls was the amount of spin on shots from tee to green. Before you ask, no, this was not a plus. The first version spun far too much and as a result was difficult to control. With the Kirkland V2.0, this issue has been corrected quite a bit and is much easier to control.

Price Point

The Kirkland V2.0 is a bargain. Others will call it cheap, affordable, or discounted. Whatever word you choose, the Kirkland V2.0 is in the price range of any golfer.

At just over $1 per golf ball, it comes in at a fraction of the most expensive balls and about half the price of balls it is competing with.

Likes and Dislikes

What we like about the Kirkland V2.0

  • The most affordable golf ball worth playing with
  • Controllable spin; your wedges will back up a few feet and long irons will sit down quickly
  • Incredibly soft cover gives the chance for golfers with low swing speeds a chance to control and shape the ball

What we don’t like about the Kirkland V2.0

  • Players with high swing speeds might have a hard time limiting spin the Kirkland V2.0 when trying to shape the ball
  • Scuff marks are devastating, but at this price you can live with replacing it
  • Not much of a knock on this ball, but we all miss the original Kirkland golf ball

Kirkland Golf Ball Review Recap

To conclude this Kirkland golf ball review we highly recommend this ball for any golfer with slow to moderate swing speeds. Provides top performance with it’s soft urethane cover that gives you maximum distance and excellent control around the green. Perhaps the only thing better than that is when you check out the price. The Kirkland v2.0 golf ball is a steal in our book! If you enjoyed this article, please check out our review of the Best Golf Ball For Beginners for some other great choices! 


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